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n a world of aggressive
marketing, where our
sensations and choices are
increasingly conditioned by the
images we see all around us, the
graphic aspect has become a
fundamental element in the
product presentation process.
This also applies to motorsports,
where technique, presentation
and costs have always been
indispensable, and where – above
all for a manufacturer like
Dallara – it has now become
essential to present the product
in the best light, and as
realistically as possible.
For this reason, in addition to
CAD models and axonometric
projections, we now employ
representations that permit us to
apply colours, materials and
textures to the product and
display it in a scenario complete
with light and shade: the so-
called rendering.
The most successful images are
always those that grab the
observer’s attention and leave a
lasting impression. At Dallara the
person responsible for these
aspects is Andrea Guerri,
bodywork stylist and designer,
and graduate of the European
Design Institute in Turin.
This change is further confirmed
by Engineer Dallara’s oft-repeated
exhortation to Guerri: “you make
it look good, the technicians and
engineers will make it go fast …”
Ten years ago, probably only the
second part of that phrase would
have made any sense.
Alessandro Santini