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“It’s a beautiful story”
The book that tells the story
of Dallara and Dallara
t’s beautiful story. A fine piece
of work. “È una bella storia”
(“It’s beatiful story” –
published by Automobilia), is
Guido Schittone’s new book
about Gian Paolo Dallara and the
factory at Varano de’Melegari.
Leafing through this volume,
and admiring the numerous
photographs, gives you a real
taste of a special place and a
philosophy of life and work.
The place is Parma in the Emilia
region, a city at once aristocratic
and rustic, the industrious heart
of Italy that is never afraid to use
its traditions as the inspiration
for progress.
The philosophy can be summed
up as the pleasure of
transforming the work of true
craftsmen into world renowned
industrial values, without ever
forgetting your roots. Learning
from your father’s examples:
simplicity, honesty, skill and
courage. The ability to
understand the times you live in
and anticipate the future. And, as
Engineer Dallara explains in the
long and passionate interview
that opens the book, and
accompanies the reader from
1959, when he took up his first
position as a shy but determined
young engineer at Ferrari, right