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warehouse and quality control activities are
increasingly complex".
How do you choose your suppliers?
Do you prefer “zero kilometres”, or are
there other parameters that are more
important when selecting which companies
to do business with?
"Without a doubt the proximity of
a supplier is significant and it’s helpful if a
supplier is conveniently located for our
hauliers. However, the most important
factors for us are on time delivery and the
price/quality ratio: we are always looking
for suppliers who can guarantee that their
parts are checked and certified, in order to
streamline our own internal activities. Lastly,
it is fundamentally important to have a
good working relationship so that, if and
when emergencies arise, they can be dealt
with as efficiently as possibly".
How do you help your suppliers to improve
quality and contain costs?
"In the case of complex components,
we can provide the suppliers with the fruits
of our own experience with both mechanical
manufacturing processes or composite
components. Both parties will benefit if they
keep an open mind and are willing to
collaborate and share know-how. Our
suppliers’ personnel visit our factory on a
regular basis, and vice versa, especially
during the initial stages of a new project, or
when there are problems to be resolved".
How does Dallara guarantee that parts are
always good quality? What quality controls
do you implement, and how often so you
carry them out?
"We perform functional tests (part
corresponds to drawing, ease of assembly,
quality conformity, etc.) and visual
inspections: the part must look good.
The checks are normally divided into two
stages. The first is the acceptance check,
which is carried out on the finished or part-
worked component: this is where the large
scale problems are identified, and corrected.
After the part has been finished, and before
it is made available to the customer, it is
subjected to a final check".
You are also the company health and
safety manager? What does this role
“"All departments and equipment are
monitored on a regular basis in order to
guarantee the best possible working
conditions. We have recently been
reorganising the offices and
we are currently evaluating the
possibility of installing an air conditioning
system in the production areas. We have
been conducting safety training courses, with
particular onus on the production
department, and we plan to keep personnel
updated in the future".
The concept of a sustainable economy,
insofar as it remains compatible with the
local territory, the stakeholders’ interests
and the environment, is becoming
increasingly important. What measures
have been taken at the Dallara factory in
order to respond to these requirements?
"We have installed a photovoltaic array on
the roof and are taking steps towards
obtaining ISO 14000 (Environmental
Management) certification, although, if the
truth be known, we were already moving in
that direction anyway: differentiated waste
disposal, scrap and non-reusable composite
raw material recovery programs, energy
consumption optimisation. With reference to
this last point, the factory roof has been
replaced with a special cover designed to
contain heat losses".
How has the global economic affected your
"The crisis has been kinder to our more
virtuous suppliers. Those who have invested
in technology, processes and organisation
are able to provide us with quality products
at an acceptable price".
You’ve been working for Dallara for many
years. Which car gave you the least
satisfaction, and which one has given you
the fondest memories?
"The one that gave me the least satisfaction
was probably the Euroc: a low cost car with
a front mounted engine, and rear-wheel
drive that was designed to participate in a
single brand championship which never got
off the ground.
My fondest memory is probably the first F1
in 1998: we were a smaller company back
then, and watching that car race on circuits
all over the world, and achieve such good
results, was a great satisfaction for me".
Alessandro Santini