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When will all this become reality?
The baby caring service, which offers
employees the possibility of dropping off
their children an hour before nurseries
and/or schools open, and of picking them
up two hours after they have closed will be
available from the middle of May 2012
until May 2014;
the summer/holiday camp will be open
continuously from the middle of June until
the beginning of September during 2012
and 2013 (with the option of extending it
to cover Christmas and Easter holidays).
Both initiatives will be located in Varano
De’ Melegari and will be operated by a
social cooperative with strong local roots
that already runs the nursery school in
Varano. This project-service, which will last
for 24 months, will be entirely free of
charge and reserved to children of Dallara
employees. At the end of this period, we
will decide whether to continue with the
initiative, depending on the level of
participation, approval and the effective
benefit to personnel”.
Since when has Dallara been interested in
these types of issues?
The concept of balance is very important
to this company, and we have already
implemented various measures in the past,
such as allowing all female employees to
work part time if requested (currently,
around half our female staff work on a
part time basis), introducing flexible
working hours where personnel may start
work at any time between 8 and 9 o’clock
in the morning and finish between 5 and 6
o’clock in the evening (today, more than
of our employees enjoy this benefit)».
What are the main requirements that
emerged from your survey?
In addition to the items mentioned above
regarding child care, another mentioned
issued was the possibility of working at
home: we were however unable to
concentrate our efforts in this area for
organisational reasons and due to IT and
data security issues».
What kind of contribution did the
employees give to this initiative?
The participation has always been very
high. A couple of years ago, more than 90%
of our employees participated in the first
opinion survey conducted at Dallara, when
the balance between working and private
life emerged as the most important issue. In
this latest case, over 75% of our staff
participated in the “work-life balance”
survey. Over the past few days we have
been working closely with around 30
employees in order to finalise the details of
the baby caring and summer camp
Have you received any collaboration from
local authorities?