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UAS University of Hamburg, Michael Sommer of
Joannaeum Racing from the UAS of Graz, in Austria,
and Gabriele Vacchina, member of the Turin
Polytechnic Racing Team.
The Italian teams were much more competitive
during the excellent eighth edition of Formula SAE –
stresses Roberta Reggiani, Project Manager of the ATA
and this is demonstrated by the results obtained by
Turin Polytechnic, and the Universities of Calabria and
Roma La Sapienza. After eight years we are achieving
very encouraging results, and this has certainly been
our most successful edition. The Universities are
offering increasing numbers of young people the
chance to develop, and the results are there for all to
see. Nowadays, all universities have their own
Formula SAE team, which means that undergraduates
and new graduates have the chance to create their
first project before they leave university, and this is
our aim».
This result is the fruit of a unique cocktail of passion,
creative commitment, design principles and the
sporting spirit that Dallara, the event’s main sponsor,
brings to the event. «A special thank you – continues
Roberta Reggiani – goes to Engineer Dallara, who has
always supported the event in person, involving
everyone at his company, but also to Engineer
Pontremoli, Engineer Toso and all the volunteers –
judges and technical inspectors – who helped us with
the various trials, and without whomnone of this would
have been possible ». And so to next year, and the next
edition of SAE Italy and its “stars” who, as Gian Paolo
Dallara would say «are always the youngsters!»
Stefano Semeraro