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Mitch Evans, what was the purpose of your sessions on
the simulator?
I tested the new Pirelli tyres for the 2013 season by
completing hundreds of laps of the Barcelona circuit, as
well as carrying out a series of aerodynamic balance tests.
After that, we implemented various mandatory
adjustments and evaluated how the car responded to the
corresponding changes in the mechanical grip”.
What’s it like to sit inside Dallara’s “beast”?
I’d never been here before, but I was made to feel very
welcome, and I was very impressed with the quality of
the project. I think the simulator represents a very good
starting point for both Dallara and the organisers when
developing a new model, but above all it gives the drivers
and the teams the chance to work on the car even before
they get out onto the track”.
Have you also had the chance to try the Red Bull
simulator? How does it differ from the Italian facility?
I’ve had a lot more time on the Red Bull simulator, and
I’m very comfortable with that one too, but I have to say
that Dallara’s version is every bit as good as the ones the
Formula 1 teams use”.
What’s your overall impression of the 2012 season?
Up and down! The final stages were absolutely
incredible, but there were also difficult moments, for
instance when we had three punctures in three
consecutive races during a key stage of the championship.
The team and I worked really hard to overcome these
problems in record time”.
You're helping to develop the GP3 car. How did it
compare to the old model during testing at Magny-
The new GP3 is on an entirely new level. It’s faster, more
powerful and gives much higher levels of performance.
It's a lot closer to the GP2. The most significant
improvement is the new engine, it sounds great, and I
think just that will be enough to make a lot of people
happy. It’s a fun car to drive and I think the drivers
competing in the 2013 GP3 championship will appreciate
the developments”.
GP2 and GP3 use two different Dallara cars. What are
the differences between the two from a mechanical
point of view?
From a technical point of view, the construction and
composition of the tyres is radically different. The car is
heavier and there’s a significant aerodynamic effect that
helps to increase the speed on curves”.
What was it like working with Italians?
I like Italy and Italians, and I love the food! The other
driver on my team this year was David Fumanelli, a really
nice lad, and I found the Dallara engineers to be highly
competent and well-prepared”.
What are your future career plans?
I would like to compete in GP2, it seems like a natural
step up after two years in GP3, and naturally I’d like to
win that title too. However I need to find the right budget
first, and that’s not going to be easy”.
Antonio Caruccio