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The Dallara IndyCar Factory is a joint-
venture of Dallara Automobili and
IndyCar Experience. It is located
approximately 500 metres south west of
the historic Indianapolis Motor
Speedway – home of the 500 Miles – and
just over 8 kilometres from Indianapolis
city centre. The new structure, which
covers over 18.700 m2 and offers the
visitor a complete experience of what
IndyCar means, is the ideal destination
for all race fans, and for anyone who is
new to the sport.
The Dallara Factory features an
Interactive Zone consisting of over 1.800
m2 of interactive exhibits dedicated to
the design and technology that go into
the world’s fastest sport. Strolling
through the gallery where the blueprints
for the current IndyCar models are
displayed, or taking a seat in one of the
projection rooms gives you an idea of
the past, present and future of Gian
Paolo Dallara and his company. Visitors
to the factory can also experience an
adrenalin rush by donning a helmet,
taking their place in the two-seater
street version of a real IndyCar and
accelerating towards the Speedway. They
can also get an idea of the technical
specifications of the car, or have their
photograph taken next to an original
chassis. By using “iRacing” and sitting
behind the wheels of a real IndyCar,
guests to the factory can find out what
it’s really like to drive round the famous
2 ½
mile oval. Four times a day the
Dallara factory opens its doors to allow
visitors to see how an IndyCar is built
during our fascinating guided tours.
The IndyCar facility is open from Monday
through Saturday, from 10 am to 6 pm,
and the factory tours run from 11 am, 1
pm, 2 pm and 3 pm, again from Monday
through Saturday.
The Dallara Factory is designed for you
Imagine holding your event in the same building where IndyCars are assembled and tested. Or better still, treating your guests to
an insider’s view of the complete process.
The Dallara IndyCar factory offers over 3500 m2 of open space, and is ideal for company dinners, with race-themed decor that
matches the Dallara name perfectly.
The structure also features:
Interactive zone
a 2130 m2 glass lined atrium, and a banqueting hall that can host up to 300 people (standing room for 600).
IndyCar Experience Garage
a 1200 m2 area that can host up to 550 people for company dinners (standing room for 1,100).
Conference room
the conference room on the second floor is ideal for meetings of 30-32 people.
You may also wish to include one or more of the following features in your event:
Guided tour of the Dallara factory
a complete IndyCar test on the simulator
Personalised show cars
a slide show on the display screen
a simulated pit-stop
a ride in the two-seater street version IndyCar
kart racing
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