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Engineer Daniele Clari, a differently able designer from the Dallara Technical Office who
holds a degree and doctorate in mechanical engineering from the Marche Polytechnic,
was in the audience during the debate; we asked him for his opinion at the end of the
Alex Zanardi, driver, athlete, Olympic champion, but above all a Man with a capital “M”, a
legend. And thanks to Dallara I got to meet him in person. It’s an exciting experience to meet
someone of Alex’s calibre. Just having a chat with him makes you feel good.
He's a great example of how to tackle life and the every day hardships head-on, and with a
smile on your face. Disability, in whatever form, is not easy to accept. It’s not an illness, but
a condition that some people are born with and that others are affected by in later years,
and it takes over your life. In my opinion, the awareness of who you are, and the inevitable
comparison with other people, is the hardest things to bear. The important thing is to learn
to live with your condition, not to let it get on top of you and to make the most of the cards
that you are left with, just like Alex.
Rather than feeling sorry for yourself about the things that you can't do, you should attempt
to be the best that be you can at the things that you can do. In my opinion this is the most
important lesson I have learned, and I often repeat it to myself. It’s not always easy to put it
into practice, but fortunately there are people like Alex who give you the strength to always
look on the bright side of life”.
Zanardi and Dallara’s
technicians and engineers
working at the hand-bike