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The FIA European F.3. season will
feature a young lady from Italy. Her
name is Michela Cerruti, she will be
driving a Dallara 312 featuring a
Mercedes engine, and will be the
figurehead of a new team that has
been created practically for her, with
the involvement of Romeo Ferraris,
the noted engine designer and
Superstars series team owner. Unlike
per cent of drivers, Ms. Cerruti,
didn’t start racing until she was 20,
and made her debut directly in
covered wheel categories. She only
moved into single-seaters towards the
end of 2011 when she plucked up
enough courage to take part in winter
testing on the GP3. But from then on
nothing has stood in the way of her
rise through the ranks. In fact, she
raced in the F.3 Open, before moving
onto F.3 in Germany, and now she’s
ready to for the important and
difficult challenge of the European
You began your career in GT and
Touring cars, so I don’t suppose you
knew much about Dallara did you?
Not really, I only started to hear
people talk about them when I began
to get involved in motorsports. And I
have to say that people only had good
things to say about them. I began to
find a lot more about them and their
work in 2011, when working as a co-
commentator for Sky on the IndyCar
Races, where the cars are all produced
by Dallara. It opened up an incredible
new world for me and one day, out of
curiosity, I went to visit their factory,
which took my breath away. They were
happy to show me around the whole
premises, every aspect of their
activities, and it was just incredible.
Another time I went back to Dallara to
try out their amazing simulator. I’d
used quite a few different simulators in
the past, when training for the Touring
races, but theirs is truly unique, I think
it must be the most complex machine
La Cerruti
con la monoposto
della F.3 Open