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everything has gone smoothly».
What are the next stages in the program?
When will we be able to see the car at
We still have to do a few sessions in the
wind tunnel before we can be sure that we
have the definite form of the bodywork;
after which we can start production of
these components. We should have defined
the car’s electrical system, together with
the engineers from Honda and Toyota, by
the middle of April. At that point we will
prepare the first monocoque and start
type testing the car, after which we will
begin assembling the first complete car,
while simultaneously starting work on the
second one. The first two cars will be
ready for testing by the end of July 2013».
In your opinion, what are the factors that
could convince drivers to try their hand
in this type of single-seater?
We’re talking about a car that has similar
specifications to the GP2 or the WSbR 3.5;
i.e. light, high performance vehicles with a
lot of down-force and the same turbo
engines that will be used in F1 from 2014.
It will definitely be a highly challenging
competition, with races that last an hour
and a half and include pit-stops and
featuring some top class tracks: I would
say that the SuperFormula is a very
attractive package».
Stefano Semeraro