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The visit
wo days to sample the thrill of racing against the world’s best
drivers, visit the factory and chat to one of the greats of motor
racing: Jean Alesi. A dream came true for a group of
enthusiasts on the 2nd and 3rd of May this year, thanks to an
initiative promoted by, which opened the doors to the
Dallara factory and the famous Simulator, the hyper-technological
tool used by drivers from all over the world to test drive their cars
on all the main circuits. The architects of the initiative were Ezio
Zermiani, for years the «voice» of motor racing on the RAI television
channels, and the driving force behind F.1passion, together with
Mauro Coppini, who were able to count on assistance from
Engineer Andrea Toso, the simulator engineers Alessandro Moroni,
Luca Bergianti and Mireno Rossi, and the other Dallara engineers
who accompanied the visitors on their tour of the factory, as well
as Alessandro Santini from the marketing office, Andrea
Meneghetti, who coordinates visits to Dallara, and Dario
Marrafuschi from Pirelli. The participants were able to uncover the
secrets of the Varano factory during the initiative, which included a
visit to the wind tunnel and the various different sectors of the
company. Franco Bortuzzo prepared a report on the two day event,
which was broadcast by the RAI during the «Numero 1» program.