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Engineer Zinelli, what are the technical features that made the Dallara hand-bike so successful?
I think that, rather than the technical features, it was the approach to the project that made all the
difference: everything was done using the same processes that we use when designing a racing car; the
same working practices, and the same controls on the contents as well as design and production times.
Although the end product was an unusual one, the decision making process at Dallara was the same as
always, and we used all the same tools too: Cfd, Fem, Cad, carbon. In a nutshell, the same things that we
do all day, every day».
Although Zanardi made it famous, this is a piece of equipment that is designed for everyone to use: is
it possible to customise the Dallara hand-bike like you did for Alessandro?
Even before his success at the Olympics, Zanardi and the hand-bike were already a hot news item: it’s an
exceptional piece of equipment and suitable for everyone, able-bodied or otherwise. Naturally, Alex’s bike
was designed with his specific disability in mind, but the same basic model could easily be customised to
suit other users with entirely different needs».
If I want to order one, who would I have to contact, and how long would it take to deliver?
Apart from the obvious restrictions depending on the physical abilities of the user, the hand-bike is not an
exclusive product: we would be more than happy to satisfy the requirements of another parathlete. Obviously,
delivery times would depend on the type of customisation and the company’s other commitments».
Zanaradi’s handbike represents
an opportunity for everyone»
Thanks to a software special
I can work from home or at the company»
Engineer Molardi, could you describe
your typical working week?
I spend part of my week at the company
and the rest of the time tele-working from
home, which allows me a degree of
flexibility in organising the activities I
carry out in connection with the
How does you work station function?
It consists of a professional notebook that
allows me complete access whether I am at
the company or at home. I am also
starting to use a software that enables me
to work by operating the mouse in hands-
free mode at times when otherwise it
would be impossible for me.
In your opinion, what are the next steps
that need to be taken in order to
improve the integration of disabled
people in the workplace?
I have to say, that the people at Dallara
have excelled themselves, yet again (I
won't mention any names for fear of
leaving someone out)!
They have provided me with highly
advanced tools that enable me to work in
the best possible conditions. I’m currently
trying to get faster at using the auxiliary
software, there’s lots of room for
What do you think are the main benefits
for companies, and society as a whole, of
providing disabled people with greater
access to the workplace?
I think that inserting disabled people in
the workplace should be an investment
rather than a drain on the resources of a
company. If they are employed in the right
position they can be much more