TCR World and life

What was your first season in World Touring Car Cup like? “It has been a challenging year, but I’ve enjoyed every moment of it from the time it was decided I was going to race in WTCR with Zengő. There was not one day I did not enjoy. The season went far beyond my expectations, even if it was a difficult one. One of my dreams came true and I am already missing it all. It’s true that I exceeded the performance I expected from myself, especially during qualifying. In the races I have not proven my real potential, I wasn’t always able to drive at my best. I’m satisfied with my one-lap pace and I was able to make it to Q2 during the last three weekends; before the season started, I would have been happy if I could get to Q2 at least once. It was clear to me that it needed a lot of work to achieve this but finally I made it three times. On the first weekend in Aragón the gap between Mikel Azcona and me was around two tenths and that was a good result for me. I know that I have to improve, and I also know that it takes time.” Which was your most memorable moment? “Definitely the pole position on the reversed grid in my home country at the Hungaroring. I finished qualifying in 11th position, but Gilles Magnus was penalised and dropped back, and so I found myself on pole position. I’m so sorry that there were no spectators there because it was another dream of mine to compete at the Hungaroring in front of crowded grandstands. As a fan I had already experienced what it is like, but I would like to do it as a driver for once. The other notable memory is from Aragón, where it seemed that the reversed pole was mine again, but Thed Björk jumped into the top ten at the last moment and I was demoted to P11. There were only 33 thousandths of a second between Yvan Muller and me and it was a good feeling.” What would you do differently next year if you will compete in WTCR again? “Where I need to improve a lot is on the position during the first lap, finding the gaps after the start. So, looking back at this year, maybe I was too careful; I braked too soon while entering into the first corners and I left too much space for the others. And, you know, they are the best in the world, so if they find a place, they put the car there. Therefore, I think I should be a bit more aggressive. It’s very difficult, because it is the kind of thing that cannot be practiced. So, I come to the point that I have to put it in my head that I’m there and even if there is Norbi (Michelisz), Esteban Guerrieri or Yvan Muller in front of me, I don’t have to brake sooner just because they are who they are. If there is a contact, well, no problems because this is Touring Car racing. I still don’t know anything about next year, I would like to come back, but there is nothing fixed at the moment. We will see…” Three questions to… Bence Boldizs At the end of his maiden season in WTCR, behind the wheel of a brand new Zengő Motorsport CUPRA Leon Competición, Hungarian youngster Bence Boldizs is ready to learn more.