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NFL/football and Indycars worked really
well. The two show cars were on display in
the specially created Superbowl Village
located next to the stadium: the city reacted
very well to this event, which was planned
down to the very last detail”.
How are the tests on the new car going? ?
“Very well, the car has not demonstrated
any significant problems with its reliability.
The teams and the drivers are very pleased,
and the better they get to know the car, the
happier they are. There are more than
fifteen drivers taking part in the tests and
they are already competing amongst
themselves to see who can go fastest.
The vehicle offers technical and driving
potential: Dallara’s response to criticism of
the car in the media has been to knuckle
down and satisfy the demands of the teams
and Indycar. Hard work and honesty are
always the best answers”.
Rubens Barrichello has also test driven the
new IR12: what was his opinion as an ex
F.1. driver?
“Barrichello test drove the car for the Kevin
Kalkhoven Racing team, and he was very
pleased with it. He had a very important
message, which I would like to stress here:
Indycar should not be seen as an
alternative solution to Formula 1, but as a
new challenge.
The car has a dignity of its own, races take
place on relatively short oval tracks (short
oval and super speedway) or on street
circuits, there are less electronics than
Formula 1, the races are faster and the
surrounding environment is more relaxed,
the cars are all very similar and the
number of modifications that the teams
are permitted to make are limited, so it’s
the driver that makes the difference.
To be a winner in Indycar you have to be a
complete driver because you will have to
compete under a whole range of conditions
and in various configurations”.
What is the test schedule between now
and the start of the new season?
“The teams are currently carrying out
private tests on an individual basis. Open
testing, where all the teams are invited to
participate, will be held on the street
circuit in Sebring, Florida at the beginning
of March. Oval track testing will probably
take place around the middle of March in
Texas. We already have 28 “sure” cars,
complete with engines and drivers, for all
the races”.
Dan Wheldon’s memory is still very much
alive in the hearts of the sport’s
enthusiasts: are there any memorial
events planned for 2012?
“I wouldn’t be surprised if they created an
award in his honour for the Indy 500.
Dan was a gentleman of the track, in the
way he behaved, his attitude, his manners:
he blended professionalism with a boyish
enthusiasm, tempered by a dash of
gallantry that made all the difference.
Even though it’s been a while, his memory
is still alive, especially for those of us
involved with the Indy 2012 prototype,
which he had been test driving during the
two months prior to the race at Las Vegas.
Whenever I look at that car, I see Dan
sitting in it”.
Alessandro Santini
Rubens Barrichello
from F1 to Indycar:
the brasilian driver
allready tested the
2012 car