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available. In these type of moments,
there's no need to complain, we must
solve the problems.
G.C.: It would be weird not to be at
least a little concerned. unfortunately,
the crisis is touching everybody and, in
addition to the problems we have now,
it will rebound on our future. That's the
most concerning thing we should be
thinking about. Indeed, I'm not
particularly concerned for the situation
in Italy or for my future rather than for
the world economic scenarios that keep
coming to light and seem each day
more grim. We are living in a deeply
unfair world and the situation might
just not improve.
What has been the most
valuable/interesting experience you
made since working for Dallara?
M.A.: To talk about a single aspect
would definitely be reductive. The most
important thing I see in Dallara every
day is the flexibility, the capacity of
quickly adapting to the requests of the
market and customers. Since I've been
working for Dallara I saw many
different projects come to light and
each time I'm surprised with their final
G.C.: I've just been here for a year but
so far everything has been new and
useful. From the job rotation done in
the first month, which enabled me to
merge with the company's processes, to
the talks and teachings received from
my managers and more experienced
colleagues and the latest designs
produced in the technical department.
The most particular and useful thing
that Dallara offers is the chance to
mature a global vision of the projects
and the cars we work on, and
particularly having the chance to see
the designed components finally
assembled and tested. It's something
that really helps to grow up and learn
at a fast pace that would be impossible
to achieve in other ways.
Would you like to have a working
experience abroad?
M.A.: Of course, having a good
international working experience is
incredibly important, not only from a
personal standpoint but also for the
company which receives a valuable
know-how from different realities. I
really like Italy though so it will be
difficult for me to move abroad
G.C.: Yes, I think that being in touch
with new cultures, way of living,
thinking and working are always really
valuable for the personal and
professional growth of an individual. I
always traveled a lot and not only for
vacation; while at the University I spent
one year studying in Spain thanks to the
Erasmus project. And on top of that,
honestly, considering how easy is to
travel by plane today, the distances
have been shortened and you're always
a few hours away from home.
At what age do you thing someone can
cover an high-responsibility role in a
company like Dallara?
M.A.: Certainly, experience is important
but the main thing is the ability to
a position of responsibility.
G.C.: Being one of the youngest hires
and having no big knowledge of the
company's past, I believe I'm not the
right person to answer this question. If I
look around though, I see many young
people covering high-profile roles so I
would say there isn't a standard age for
that. Of course you need a solid
preparation behind and it can be
acquired only with time and a lot of
work, but for some positions maybe it's
even more important to have strong
interpersonal skills, resource
management, mental flexibility. It's
tough to work on these aspects, they are
mostly natural skills.
How well do you fare on racecars
and/or roadcars?
M.A.: I like racecars and driving on the
mountain roads but sometimes my
friends tend to suffer from, ehm, motion
sickness. I still have to understand if the
problem resides in my driving style or in
the mountain road itself.
G.C.: I think I'm pretty ok behind the
wheel, I got that feeling from my over-
eighties aunts when I was carrying them
around. Jokes apart, I'm not a racer but
I feel OK. Unfortunately I never had the
chance to drive a racecar so I don't
have any indication.
Maybe that will be the next Dallara
Alessandro Santini