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can learn from their practicality:
innovation that matters”, concrete
innovation that serves a purpose. Last, and
not least, is that it gives you the chance to
access an enormous market, if you've got
what it takes».
What can motorsports draw from sectors
such as aeronautics and aerospace, where
Italy has always been a leading player in
the past?
A great deal. We have only recently started
looking into these aspects and we have
already discovered a number of areas in the
fields of simulation, aerodynamics and
composite materials – our three “core
expertises” – that could give rise to
important synergies and help in the
development of our industry».
What advice would you give to Italy’s next
government on how best to manage the
industrial and economic capital
represented by the Italian motorsports
My first suggestion would be to decrease
taxes on labour costs. Italy has a very
powerful engine, but it needs a starter
motor to get it moving again, giving an
impulse to the firms and companies allow
them to start taking on staff again,
especially young people. If we can get that
motor running then everything else will
follow. We are currently in the doldrums;
it’s time to start releasing our energy, and
motorsports teaches us how to release
energy efficiently».
On a personal level, what is your next
challenge as MD of Dallara
My aim is to see the company continue to
grow, not in size but in terms of skills in
our three strategic areas (vehicle dynamics
and simulation, composites and
aerodynamics), as well as developing our
interests in other business sectors and
geographical areas. Another important
objective is to develop the territory, starting
from Motor Valley before expanding into
Italy as a whole».
Alessandro Santini