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Which aspects of Dallara's proposal were
most popular with the Americans?
Further shortening the chain of contact
between the teams and the company was
very well received. Dallara USA has become
a well-established presence, with a
technical and commercial organisation
capable of providing the teams with
immediate responses to their requests. The
improvements to our customer-service were
greatly appreciated too, thanks to the
increased production of spare parts. This is
an important aspect, since, in Europe,
Dallara has always provided the categories
with chassis and service through a network
of distributors, whereas in America the
teams deal directly with us when the need
to purchase parts or ask for technical
information. This means that we have a
very high profile in the field, and this is
very important factor in the States. In
addition, the car has been a great success,
offering excitement on the track together
with high reliability. It’s a very resilient
single-seater: From the outset we promised
that there would have been significant
savings for the teams, thanks to the
reduced need for maintenance and spare
parts, and we were able to maintain that
promise. In one sense this actually
translated into a slight loss of business for
us in terms of spare parts, but at the same
time it represented an advantage for the
teams and demonstrated that we were very
serious about keeping costs to a minimum».
The museum was inaugurated successfully?
How has it been received by the public?
We’re still quite a long way from achieving
the numbers we had hoped for, but this is
partly due to a series of unfavourable
technical factors that we hadn't bargained
for. In fact, the museum is located in an
area that is being heavily redeveloped, this
means that there is always building work in
progress and road closures, which tended to
limit the flow of traffic, however things are
now starting to get back to normal.
Nevertheless, opening an interactive zone
proved to be very good idea. It’s the ideal
solution for the more curious visitors, but
an image of the
Dallara Museum
in Indianapolis
Below: the entry
to the complex.
Facing page:
a view of the
production area