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also for schools and universities (editor’s
note: STEM, Science Technology Engineering
and Maths) We have initiated a series of
programs, in association with STEM,
designed to combine entertainment, which
is of considerable interest to the IZOD
IndyCar Series since it represents the
potential to increase the fan-base, with
educational aspects that are more of
interest to the colleges (almost exclusively
private institutions) as a way of attracting
future engineers who will be involved in the
motoring sector, although not necessarily
motorsports. Thus the museum interactive
zone represents a ideal tool for both
requirements. The presentation is very
simple, it is based on a series of
photographs and films that can be
activated via touch-screens, and explains
the principles of physics and mechanics in
very simple terms, as well as illustrating the
research our company carries out into the
materials and safety aspects that we apply
to the motorsports sector; there is also a ten
minute film that tells the personal and
professional story of Engineer Dallara and
the Dallara company».
What is the current economic state of
motorsport on the other side of the
Atlantic, and how popular is it?
American motor racing is essentially
divided into two groups: Nascar, and all the
rest. From both a cultural point of view –
since Nascar, although universally popular
these days, has its roots in the southern
states – and a marketing angle, as can be
seen from the reaction to Danica Patrick’s
pole position at Daytona. The aim of
Nascar is to create the figure of the "heroic"
driver, through a series of new personalities
that are used as a platform to attract
investment from the sponsors. The cars are
fitted with bodywork, spoilers and bumpers
that are designed to make them resemble
production vehicles that anyone can buy.
This is obviously out of the question for the
IZOD IndyCar Series. Nascar still enjoys very
healthy television ratings, although the
stadiums are maybe not as full as they were
once. The IZOD IndyCar Series offers a