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as how things develop in the IndyLights
category where, as we stated earlier, the
onus is more on the participating drivers,
thus creating a sort of training school above
all for oval track racing, before moving up
to the IZOD IndyCar category. In Nascar, the
Juan Pablo Montoyas and Dancia Patricks
of this world had to work their way up
through a series of regional championships
before they could take part in the main
competition, whereas ex F.1. drivers, for
example, are able to move directly into
IZOD IndyCar, without having to experiment
with oval track racing first. It’s not just a
question of training pilots, but also of using
them in order to increase the value of the
Does your presence in North America also
form a base for expansion into the south
of the continent? Brazil is booming and is
set to become the centre of world sport
over the next few years.
Brazil definitely represents a growing
economy. But when we talk about
Brazil in this context, we’re talking
almost exclusively about San Paolo:
the boom is much less evident in the
rest of the country. We intend to return
there to race with the IZOD IndyCar Series
because, at the end of the day, Brazil is the
only country that can offer economic
coverage, and an organiser capable of
ensuring that the event generates an
income. China was supposed to copy the
Brazilian model, but the operation was not
In the past you have mentioned Dallara's
possible involvement in projects outside
motorsports: could you tell us which
sectors you had in mind?
The opportunities are out there, for
example, in aeronautics, aerospace and
green technologies: use of materials, vehicle
structures, etcetera. However, it’s necessary
to go through a very complex certification
process, which requires some highly specific
requisites. But, as I say, the opportunities
are out there».
In conclusion, what is the overall
impression of your experiences in the USA,
since the union with Dallara?
Motorsport is my life, and it’s always been
my dream to work in the American racing
sector, because I love the United States and
their history, and I share their values. I’m
an Italian with an American heart, and
Dallara have granted me a fantastic
opportunity: I’m living my own personal
American Dream. Despite all its economic
and social problems, I believe that America
is still the Land of Opportunity. Not just in
economic terms but also in the broader,
meritocratic sense: here, if you’ve got the
right stuff, you’ll get ahead».
Stefano Semeraro
Group photo during the visit by the Indiana deputies and senators to the Dallara factory
Centre, in jeans: the Governor of the State of Indiana, Mike Pence.
Behind, in glasses, Stefano De Ponti, Dallara CEO for the USA