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thousands of people and thus represents
income, which is, of course, a fundamental
aspect. This means that local authorities are
more than happy to welcome new
initiatives, providing them with assistance
and subsidies. For example, we recently
played host to representatives of the
Indiana Motorsport Association at
Indianapolis, together with the new state
deputies and senators. The aim of the visit
was to get to know the companies involved
in the motorsports sector. They visited the
factory, and were very surprised by what
they found. Although Indiana cannot
compete with Detroit, where the giants of
the motoring industry are located, there
have always been motoring companies with
production facilities in Indianapolis: they
are making every effort to identify
innovative technological solutions, and this
means that our company, which is always
at the cutting edge, is the ideal partner».
The new governer of Indiana also visited
the factory in Indianapolis. How did the
meeting go?
Following his election as the governor of
the State of Indiana, Mike Pence selected
the Dallara factory as one of the three
locations of his investiture ceremonies. We
hosted a family-day, attended by Mr. Pence
and all his family; he stayed with us for the
whole morning, signing autographs and
chatting with visitors and fans. He was
dressed in jeans and a t-shirt: he’s a very
down to earth person and gives the
impression that he wants to serve the
community, approaching new concepts with
an open and curious mind, exactly like we
do at Dallara. On another occasion,
Engineer Pontremoli and Governor Pence
participated at an award ceremony for the
best drivers and teams from last year here
in Indiana».
Will Dallara be branching out into any
other made in USA categories over the next
few years.
We are on the verge. We are waiting to see
what happens in 2014 with the new
regulations in the sports-car sector, as well
Left: the joy on the face of a
visitor to the Dallara factory
during a lap on the IZOD
IndyCar two seater prepared
specifically for the fans.
Right and below: more images
from inside the complex,
including the banquetting and
conference hall: a facility that
is proving popular with
American companies
interested in organising events
at the factory