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to transfer a handful of mechanics from
one structure to another in order to help
deal with workloads. And the fact that,
although the cars are different, that basic
production philosophy is the same helps a
great deal, because they already know what
to expect, and this saves a lot of time that
they would otherwise spend familiarising
themselves with an entirely new product».
Let’s talk about the new Dallara GP3:
what’s your opinion now that you’ve
completed pre-season testing?
Very positive: we’ve always felt that the
chassis would have been able to handle
much more power than the 280 CV
generated by the original engine, which
was, in fact, undersized: the car was glued
to the track and the drivers didn’t have to
worry about going easy on the gas. The test
showed that we were right, the chassis
performs flawlessly even with the current
CV, V6 engine, but now the car is much
more «lively» and the drivers really have to
be at the top of their game to get the best
out of it».
After all these years using cars from
Varano, which models have left the most
lasting impression on you?
There are two F.3 models that I was
particularly impressed with: the F301 and the
F308. They both represented a great leap
forward for the category, and, at the time,
they were the perfect cars in every way».
Filippo Zanier