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road safety educations
Let's take a closer look at the course itself:
In collaboration with the International
Centre for Safe Driving, the course featured
theoretical and practical learning sessions
and concentrated on identifying the
various active and passive components that
contribute to safety when driving in road
During the practical sessions on the track,
the youngsters were provided with scooters
supplied free of charge by the Yamaha
Moto Shop dealership in Parma – helmets,
safety jackets and gloves, and learned how
to perform a slalom through a series of
bollards, practised carrying out
manoeuvres such as braking, riding over
speed bumps and along narrow corridors,
hill starts, inclined curves, and stopping on
downward slopes.
They followed a circuit featuring a vast
array of road signs, and were provided with
special glasses that mimic the effects
alcohol has on vision, in order to illustrate
how difficult it is to react correctly under
certain conditions.
Thanks to an experiment designed by the
paediatrician, Michael Werth, they were
able to evaluate the difference between the
consequences of an impact at 38 km/h
with or without a helmet. The fire service
gave a demonstration of how to extinguish
a burning car and the first aid procedures
carried out by the volunteer ambulance
service in the event of an accident.
The State Police force «Pullman Azzurro»
Blue Bus»), which is a fundamental
feature of «Icarus», the national road safety
education program, was also present.
The driving technique lessons were led by
the Deputy Commissioner of the State
Police, Norberto Naummi, a qualified
Italian Motorcycle Federation instructor
and holder of two world non-stop
endurance records. «We’re very proud –
said Doctor Naummi – of the numerous
initiatives we have put in place over the
years in our local area, aimed at providing
our young people with all the latest road
safety information, as well as teaching