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them the driving techniques necessary to
manage a vehicle correctly under road
conditions. The positive feedback we
receive, both from the youngsters
themselves and from their parents, and the
conviction that sensible and disciplined
behaviour when in charge of a motor
vehicle is fundamentally important for
reducing the number and seriousness of
accidents, are all the encouragement we
need to carry on with this initiative in the
The chief coordinator and controller of the
Municipal Police, Enzo Viola, added: «The
integrated road safety project represents
an investment in the future; the aim being
to provide the pupils with an informative,
coordinated and entertaining course that
explains the principles of road safety, the
correct way to behave and how to interpret
the rules and regulations of the road. The
course concludes with a practical session at
the circuit. Over a period of five years, the
town council in Varano de’ Melegari has
purchased helmets, safety equipment,
gloves, road signs and multimedia tools,
and this means that practical part of the
course is not just a «ride on a moped», but
a realistic simulation of what it means to
be in charge of a motor vehicle, showing
the youngsters what fun it can be,
while at the same time making them aware
of the dangers and the consequences.
I have always felt that this is part
of a Local Council’s duties: providing
citizens with professional advice,
free of charge; this is why the participation
of the forces of law and order is so
important, because when we invest in our
children's future we should do it
Alessandro Santini, the Dallara marketing
manager, declared: «Safety has always
been fundamentally important for
Engineer Dallara, and the whole Dallara
organisation, when designing and
manufacturing racing cars. Safety is
important on the track, but it’s even more
important on the road. It’s ok to drive at
high speeds on the track where there are
rules and regulations, safety structures and
specially designed chassis. On the road you
have to be much more careful and you
never know when you are going to have to
react to unexpected situations, indications
or potentially treacherous weather
conditions. We are very pleased to sponsor
this highly professional initiative that helps
the youngsters to get to grips with these
very important concepts in an entertaining
and practical way, because "to read is to
forget, to watch is to remember, but to do
is to learn»».
It is worth remembering that Italy is the
country with the highest number of fatal
road traffic accidents in Europe and that,
in 2011, almost 4,000 people lost their
lives on our roads, while a further 300,000
were injured and/or permanently disabled.
Motorcyclists accounted for 1,000 of these
deaths: practically one death every eight
hours. These courses are vitally important
for teaching young people the value of
road safety, together with increasing the
safety standards they adopt when driving a
moped or a car.
The courses also have significant cultural
and symbolic value since they encourage
the pupils to view the instructors from the
various police forces not simply as law
enforcers, handing out fines and sanctions
for motoring offences, but above all as
qualified professionals who are at the ser-
vice of the public.