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What are Dallara’s plans in view
of the forthcoming merger of
Grand-Am and ALMS to form
United SportsCar Racing in 2014?
«It’s a complicated and delicate
situation. Up till now we have
adopted a conservative approach,
concentrating our efforts on
supporting long-standing partners
there are a number of other
factors that have yet to be
defined; it seems certain that one
of the two models (DP and LMP2)
will end up prevailing, either due
to its superior performance on the
track, or thanks to outside
influence: it doesn’t appear
feasible to maintain both options
open simultaneously for any
length of time, either from a
practical or an economic point of
view. As things stand we, and the
majority of the other constructors
and teams, are content to wait
until things have calmed down a
little in order to get a clearer view
of the future».
How important are Sport cars for
the company?
«The Sport models are in the
company’s DNA at least as much
as the Formula cars, and the fact
that there have been less chances
to compete in such categories
recently does not mean that
we’ve lost interest. Dallara is
always ready to take up a new
challenge, provided that the
conditions are clear, there exists
the opening for a competition
and that there is a market of
potential customers. Or a strong
partner who is prepared to
shoulder a part of the
considerable costs involved in
developing a car of that nature».
Tell us something about the
calculation and statistical testing
department, which you are in
charge of at Dallara. What are
the department’s
responsibilities, how many
people work in the office, how is
the work structured, what sort of
skills and qualifications are
«My department employs eight
people. We are responsible for
the vehicle dynamics,
simulations, performance
analysis, optimisation and initial
dimensional calculations for the
suspension components, and
vehicle settings, as well as indoor
testing (on individual
components and fully assembled
cars), and track trials where we
support the teams and carry out
field tests on our new cars
and/or components».
What projects currently take up
most of your time?
«Most recently we have been
working on Super Formula,
Formula Electric, the new Indy
Light and a number of other
projects that I can’t reveal any
details about in order to protect
the confidentiality of our
What are you academic and
professional qualifications, and
how did they lead you to your
current position at Dallara?
«After obtaining my high school
diploma in scientific studies,
thanks to my passion for racing
and motor vehicles in general I
decided to read Mechanical
Engineering at Pisa University,
majoring in terrestrial vehicles.
My first job was as a consultant
engineer with a company
involved in the military and
aerospace industry, where I was
responsible for design and
structural analysis of components
for missiles and satellites.
Then the passion for racing
reared its head again, so ten
years ago, together with my wife
and three children, I moved to
Valceno. In the meantime I also
worked for three years as a track
engineer with a F.3 team. I’m
extremely passionate about
racing and it’s safe to say that it
has a hold over me. As I always
tell my wife, while girls grow up
to become women and mothers,
boys remain boys, and never
really grow out of their ball
games or toy cars! And
I’m definitely no exception
to the rule».
such as WTR, but without
investing in new cars or
aerodynamics. 2014 will be a
very critical year. The
harmonisation of the
performance specifications
between DP and LMP2 looks to
be a long way off, the rules have
not yet been completed, and
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