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product that is competitive on any type of
circuit and winning formula, as can be seen
from that fact this year's championship
features 26 cars for the first time in a
number of years. Due to the turnover at the
management level, the IZOD IndyCar Series
has experienced some difficulties at both the
commercial and marketing levels in recent
years. The current management team is
highly dynamic and has a great deal of
experience in marketing strategies, and this
will definitely benefit the category. The joint
venture between Grand-Am and the Le Mans
Series represents another interesting
development in the covered-wheel sector
that will benefit numerous manufacturers,
giving them the chance to race on various
important and historic tracks. The aim of
the marriage between these two categories,
one essentially European both from a
commercial and a technical standpoint, and
a typically American organisation like
Grand-Am, with its close ties to Nascar, is to
find the right balance and then produce a
set of technical regulations by 2014 in order
to attract other manufacturers».
Dallara is also highly thought of, both in
Italy and internationally, for the quality of
consultancy that we provide to the most
famous motoring brands. Have you already
received requests for collaboration in
America too?
We’re working on it. The opportunities are
already there. Thanks to our presence in the
racing sector we are continuing to increase
our profile in America. It is important to
remember that racing car manufacturers
are usually penalised by a preconception:
outsiders frequently view motorsports more
as a "sport" than an industry. It is
important to overcome this approach and
we have achieved this thanks to innovative
know-how and our skills in the fields of
materials and simulation, which enable us
to offer our partners an efficient product
and demonstrate the savings that can be
made. In the USA, and in Indiana in
particular, local authorities are well aware
of the business side of motorsports: an
active, dynamic business that employs