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company like Tatuus, who have been building
top quality products for many years. I’m sure the
teams would agree with me when I say that they
are capable of providing high performance at
very “fair” maintenance costs».
What projects are you currently developing
together with Tatuus?
«Recently we carried out testing on the new
electronic gear‐box for the Formula Abarth in
Franciacorta recently. This project was the result
of another top‐level collaboration between
Tatuus and Magneti Marelli Motorsport. The
tests went well, we were forced to carry out one
less run than originally intended, but the
feedback from the drivers was very positive,
including their evaluation of shift times. We
started off using an oversized base with a range
of torque and horsepower ratings designed for a
GP2, but the experiment was successful and we
believe that we will be able to use the experience
and data we accumulated for Formula 4 and
other projects».
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