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Matteo Mereghetti, a programmer with Magneti
Marelli, closely collaborates with Tatuus and has
provided the factory in Concorezzo with
invaluable assistance during the development of
the latest projects. Matteo’s expertise lies in the
rapidly evolving area of motorsports software
applications, although things did not start out
that way….
«I started working as a programmer 12 years ago
in a completely different environment – explains
Mereghetti – in fact I spent six years in meat
traceability, before
working as a
programmer on
handheld devices. I’ve
always had a passion
for motorsports, so
when I heard that
Magneti Marelli was
looking for personnel I
sent them my
curriculum and after a
couple of interviews I
began a new adventure.
I was happy at my old
company, and it wasn't
a question of money,
it’s just that I’m in love
with motor racing».
What exactly does
your job entail?
«At Magneti Marelli
we’re involved in the
motor sports sector at
various different levels:
from Formula 1, through
the Sport cars to MotoGP, Superbike and
endurance; a bit of everything. Certain areas are
concerned with software, while others are
involved with hardware, I’m responsible for
developing software in C language and the
middle‐range or customised software for our
clients (from endurance to uphill racing, via SBK,
supersport and rally‐cross).
Together with Tatuus we have developed and
produced a generic software that can be adapted
to the needs of different championships (for
example, by using a
rotary switch it is possible
to select various different
mapping configurations
(5) in order to adapt to
differing maximum
engine speed
requirements or fuel
types), while remaining
within the regulations. In
other words it is possible
to select specific
configurations for
different categories, for
example when switching
from 8200 rpm for the
VdeV to 9000 rpm for the
Italian championship,
without having to return
to Tatuus for the
necessary adjustments».
So, just like at Tatuus,
the customer’s needs
are your top priority.
«Yes, the experience they
have accumulated at Tatuus and which we share,
teaches us that the most important thing is to
keep our customers happy; provided that the
teams are up to a suitable level, of course. That
said, the use of electronics is nowadays practical
universal in every category».
How did the collaboration with the factory in
Concorezzo begin?
«Right from the start I was responsible for the Ftp
mapping phase on the Abarth, from the initial
shake‐down with Giammaria in Vairano up until
the presentation in Vallelunga. The second
project, which I’ve been involved with in a
support role right from the off, is what has come
to be regarded as the prototype. In particular the
engine control, the hydraulic gear‐box, the basic
set‐up and the logger and dashboard
How do you go about sharing experience and
information with your partners?
«We have a very open and collaborative
relationship: and I have to say that this is all too
rare in most industrial environments. We have an
excellent relationship with Tatuus on a personnel
level too, there’s a continuous give and take and
nothing is ever taken for granted, and that’s
possibly the aspect that I enjoy most about the
It must be very satisfying to know that
you’re contributing to the success of two
prestigious Italian players in the world of
«Certainly. Before I started working in
motorsports I’d never had any experience of a
The collaboration between Tatuus and Magneti Marelli is an example
of a perfect understanding between two internationally renowned Italian
companies. Matteo Mereghetti, a programmer with Magneti Marelli
explains the secret of this success and reveals their latest projects
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