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he horizons are broadening, a new world is opening up. A new
bet to win, a new market to conquer, a new way of expressing
our enthusiasm for racing. Opening up new or rarely trodden
paths is the secret to staying young, and for Tatuus, after thirty
years of building successful single‐seaters, the elixir of (re‐
discovered) youth goes by the name of PY 012. The CN2 class prototype is
the project that has generated the most enthusiasm in the factory in
Concorezzo. Starting with Engineers Luca Orlandi and Corrado Casiraghi,
followed by the expert in fluid dynamics, Eugenio Bardoscia, the
enthusiasm is felt just as keenly by the owners Artico Sandonà and
Gianfranco De Bellis. «Yes, for us the prototype represents a whole new
market», explains De Bellis. «It’s a highly complex project that has seen us
move into areas that are entirely new to us. But after the first full year of
competition I think we can all say that we are satisfied by the response
we’ve had from the market».
PY 012
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