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JM renewed its commitment to the F.
Renault 2.0 ALPS. What are the
championship’s strongest virtues?
«As I always said, Domenico Porfiri and
Barbara Petrivelli do a great job in terms of the
organization, and their structure is among the
world’s best. At international level, there are
no terms of comparison between them and the
Eurocup, and compared to the NEC they made
a step forward with the addition of many
European rounds».
What has been the most sensational
moment of your career?
«There have been many important moments.
We fielded drivers like Michael Ammermuller,
Marc Benz, Timo Behrnard, Neel Jani, Bruno
Spengler and many more. We raced with them
in the Formula Renault 2000 or in the V6 and
they are professionals now. There isn’t a
specific moment: every time one of our former
driver becomes a professional, for us it’s a
satisfaction, and every time there’s a new
challenge. Our last driver to become a
professional is Nico Muller, who drives for
Audi in the DTM».
Is there a new challenge you’d like to
approach in the next few years?
«Nothing is particular. We’ll continue to
develop our plans in Formula 4 and Formula
Renault. We will also continue our run in GP3.
It’s difficult for a team to plan their entry in so
many championships, but putting together a
developmental path is good for us so we can
make our drivers grow up and improve».
Can you pinpoint three of the qualities
needed to become a great team manager?
«Maybe, Andreas Jenzer’s best quality
is having been a driver, knowing what passes
through the head of the driver.
Also I’m always present on‐track despite I
don’t have partners or external investors. I see
what goes on and I’m involved in first person.
The third good quality is to create a work
environment where people can stay for a long
time, so the quality level stays high and they’re
always motivated».
What are the skills you look forward to
find in a driver?
«It’s difficult to say because I’m always on‐
track and I don’t have too much time to
evaluate go‐kart drivers. We have a research
school similar to F. 4 in Switzerland. When we
test a driver we evaluate his driving skills and
technical knowledge, plus his character. We
also take in consideration the people that
gravitate around the drivers: family, sponsors,
friends, trainers or managers».
Andreas Jenzer
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