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What was the role of CFD in the design of
the wind tunnel?
«The CFD system supported the design of
two key structures for the wind tunnel. The
project, as said before, has been internally
developed. The most important part was the
fan assembly, the vent that pushes the air in
the duct, and the component includes the
fan itself plus another stage named
“straightener”. The CFD has also been useful
to find the right dimension of the cooling
system needed to refrigerate the floor,
which is subject to notable dermic shocks
due to the contacts between it and the
wheels. Last but not least, another
important part where CFD is useful is
shaping the turning vanes, the flow
deviators positioned in the 90‐degree
corners of the duct”.
What kind of preparation is needed to
work with the wind tunnel?
ì«As I said before, the wind tunnel is quite a
complex laboratory and there are quite a
number of very specific tasks, all very
important for the good outcome of the test.
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