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Stroll, an instant-winner



Arjun Maini



Taking a look at the 2015 championship, what emerges is that the

goal has been fully achieved. The title went to Lance Stroll, who was

off to a flying start and cruised to three wing before Ruapuna and

Teretonga before administrating the advantage he had in standings

throughout the rest of the season. For the Canadian, the move to

the FT50 car has ben a logical step less than 12 months after making

his single‐seater debut on a Tatuus Formula 4 Italia car. His main

contender was experienced team‐mate Brandon Maisano who also

rivalled him for the Italian crown. The Frenchman knows the Tatuus

machinery well for having raced in Formula Abarth and in

prototypes with the PY012 in the past. The FT50 also highlighted the

skills of drivers coming from more competitive environments like

the FIA Formula 3 European Championship, as confirmed by the

third place scored by Santino Ferrucci. The biggest surprise of 2015

has been without a doubt Indian Arjun Maini, fourth in standings.

Despite a limited experience in the BRDC Formula 4, he showcased

his talent, climbing his learning curve race by race and improving

his chemistry with a car designed to highlight the driver's touch.

The local drivers struggled a little more as they were at their first

contact with a more demanding car than before. Despite the early

adaptation issues, Jamie Conroy and Brandon Leitch had a good

chance to grow and grabbed one win each. In addition to providing

better performance, with an improvement of more than one second

per kilometer on all tracks, the FT50 gave proof of phenomenal

reliability. No mechanical problems or failures emerged since

testing so teams and drivers were able to focus on set‐up

development right away. The new Tatuus car also proved as safe as

ever. James Munro, Artem Markelov and Maisano can testify that as

they all rolled over at Teretonga and Taupo but did not suffer from

any physical consequence.