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it takes to do well in his career.

He has a very aggressive driving style and

he pulled some of the most

exciting moves of the season. His

experienced team‐mate Brandon Maisano

did not disappoint too, as well as Santino

Ferrucci, who turned out to be the best in

the second half of the championship.

Another impressive driver was Indian

Arjum Maini. He lines‐up for the

weekend with great inner peace and he

impresses for how manages to post long

stints of really quick laps straight away.

According to what he showed here, he's a

guy to watch for the future».

Are you satisfied with the support

provided by Tatuus?

«The car's design and reliability left us 100

percent satisfied. It's really easy to manage and

also quick to repair in case of crash.

This are the most important qualities that a

race car must have. In 2016 we will bring some

small upgrades that will make our race car an

even more satisfactory product. We're proud of

the tracktime we were able to give to the

drivers in the five race weekends we held».

What is the secret of your collaboration

with Tatuus?

«We've been working together for the last 11

years. Their engineering staff is really skilled

and they provide the on‐track support that

the teams need».

Can we expect more news for 2016?

«Nothing of particularly relevant at the

moment. In terms of promotion,

we will continue to upgrade that is already

unique. We are lucky to be in a wonderful

country like New Zealand and we're happy to

share it with the drivers coming here to