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Formula 3 or GP3 in terms of performance,

but with less downforce.

The FT50 has a good balance between

its mechanical components and

aerodynamic package. At the same time, it

has less grip so to require a more

demanding drive and offer spectacular

races. In addition to that, the teams

appreciated the extremely high reliability

levels of the new car. Despite the fact that

it is a new vehicle package, we didn't

experience any particular mechanical issue.

Our technical staff worked very closely with

the Tatuus engineers in order to achieve

this goal and that makes us particularly

proud for the result».

Who have been the most impressive


«We had some very talented drivers this

season. Lance Stroll impressed many

insiders by winning the championship.

Despite he wasn't the best in terms

of raw speed, he was impressive for his

consistency and for how he managed his

advantage. Stroll has all what