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Great news from all over Europe

Instead limiting their experiences to the

chosen championship, many of them

decided to open up their plans in order to

try and anticipate their future steps on

tracks that would be part of their future

programs anyway. As a result, 24 drivers

lined up for the opening round of the

Italian series at Monza, and 29 cars got

on‐track at Monza, as F1 GP circuit is full

of inherent complications to learn as soon

as possible. For example, Mucke

Motorsport fielded Lando Norris, a former

karting sensation who is running in the

British series with Carlin. Tim

Zimmerman, David Ortmann and Arlind

Hoti made the jump from the German

championship, which has almost 40

starters and where the pack needs to be

split in qualifying. Good news are also

coming from the Nordic championship,

promoted by SMP Racing with the goal of

paving the way to international

motorsport for the best Scandinavian and

Russian prospects.