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A "superb car", as it was defined in the United

Kingdom. It's the brand‐new Tatuus‐

Cosworth MSV F4‐016 which will make its

debut in the BRDC Formula 4 championship,

the British series promoted by Jonathan

Palmer's MSV. The car made its debut on the

last 30th of May in Silverstone.

The baseline comes from the Formula 4 cars

that has been running in the Italian series

since last year and now has expanded its

presence throughout Europe.

The UK series allowed substantial upgrades

though and will be reaching higher

performance levels. The chassis still features

the Formula 4 monocoque, compliant with

the FIA Formula 3 standards, but it's fitter

with aero upgrades providing a dramatic

increase in terms of downforce.

The engine is an atmospheric 4‐cylinder,

230‐horsepower unit paired by a 6‐speed

Sadev gearbox. The AP brakes are fitted with

4‐pot calipers and Pirelli provides the tires.

«It's a new and exciting concept ‐

explained Palmer ‐ Thanks to the experience

gathered during the last few years in the

BRDC series, we created a car that can fill a

gap in the international developmental

panorama. At the beginning, our cars had a

steel tube chassis fitted with a 185‐

horsepower Ford Duratec engine, while the

new one has the really appreciated

Tatuus FIA F.4 Chassis. Also, we introduced

new developments that will make the car

quicker compared to both the BRDC F.4 and

the FIA F.4 ones. The new Cosworth engine

has 230 horsepower at 8000 rpm. It's

powerful, reliable, manageable and sounds

really well. The new limited slip differential

will enable drivers coming from kart racing to

manage the power and complete their

training before joining the Formula 3 or GP3


Commercial Director Gianfranco De Bellis

and Technical Director Artico Sandonà

attended the reveal «We are happy that

Tatuus was chosen to develop the new F.4

BRDC car ‐ said De Bellis ‐

The British one is a very important market for

us, while MSV is a capable promoter and we

are sure that the championship will have a

great future». The same enthusiasm was

shared by Sandonà: «The new car is an

example of how the FIA F.4 can be developed

to reach higher levels of performance and we

are proud we were chosen by BRDC for

helping them in this step». 24 of the 26

planned cars have already been sold,

confirming the interest in the series.

The championship will begin in 2016

although an 8‐race "Autumn Trophy" is

scheduled later this season. The first four will

take place between November 7th and 8th at


Brand-new Tatuus-Cosworth

car launched at Silverstone

for 2016 BRDC F4 Series