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What brought Dallara to create the new
Our era is characterized by how fast
information spreads, and we like to race.
So as we need to respond to a growing
demand of information regarding our
company, we decided to provide a solid
and unique source, which also respect the
pillar of what have always been a
standpoint of Dallara: innovation. Our
mantra is “The Pursuit of Excellence”, so
for the people looking for more info about
Dallara, the responses should be excellent
What are themost important
innovations and expectations?
«There aremany innovation, and themost
visible one is definitely the new graphic
layout. Compared to the old website we
tried to improve the colors and the
readability. The other main component we
looked into was the accessibility from
mobile. Nowadays almost everybody have a
smartphone or tablet, so a website
must be usable with all the
internet-connected devices available.
Another very important aspect is the
availability of information regarding all
the company’s expertise area, including
many photos and an history section where
it’s possible to learnmore about how
Dallaramade his way to success, from its
foundation to themodern day. We also
decided to be evenmore “social” with the
creation of four official Dallara accounts
on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and
YouTube. Everybody will be able to get in
touch with us, and a newsletter service is
also open for subscription, so not tomiss
the latest news about Dallara».
What kind of resources were employed
for the development?
«The innovative part of this project was
that it involved the whole company. Every
single department gave their contribution
with their own competences. The basic
system is the same we use to design,
develop and produce a racing car. We
started from the design, and then during
the development everybody gave their
contribution by providing their respective
content. We evenmanaged to do several
internal testing sessions before putting the
whole website online».
Will the fans be able to get into your
factorywith the new site? Do you have
other initiatives planned for theweb
«Yes, we want to bring people behind
the scene and we are trying to do it
through social media with the use of
hashtags. We want make people
participate in what is the base concept
of excellence, in how you get a certain
type of know-how. It’s the same thing
we are doing in our “edutainment”
center in Indianapolis, a type of
learning havenig fun».
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