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With an exciting design, more than

500 horsepower, superb brakes and

a 7-speed gearbox, the Renault

RS01 is the state of the art in GT

Silhouette racing. Luca, can you

tell us more on the project's


«I can really say that this project

started from a clean sheet of paper,

and was conceived to meet some very

clear and fundamental goals. This is a

great advantage. Renault asked us to

develop a car that, in terms of

performance, could be halfway

between a GT3 and a DTM, ready to be

used in endurance racing. Many of its

contents, like the engine, gearbox and

brakes were already part of a great

package designed by the customer. On

one side, the mix of that features

meant that we knew that our product

would have been sensational. But on

the other side, it was bound to be a

huge challenge. The car would have

needed to be light, with a perfect

weight balancing but, more than that,

with incredibly high-performance


What are the most significant

performance figures of this car,

including the aero points of view?

«As I just said, the aerodynamics are

definitely one of the car's strongest

points, in addition to the vehicle

dynamics optimized for the tyres. The

balance between the two things has

been reached to make the car fast and

drivable also for the non-professional

drivers. 1700kg at 300 km/h. This two

numbers enable to understand the

phenomenal level of downforce

reached. This aerodynamic package

enables the RS01 to reach 3 Gs of

longitudinal and lateral acceleration.

These values are more similar to the

ones achieved by an open wheel car or

an LMP than to a GT».