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What were the requests of Renault? And

what has been the most exciting


«The lap times to be achieved on-track and the

respect of the style constraints established by

the style center. These are two things that are

difficult to keep together by definition. Making

everything much more complicated was the

fact that the exterior of a race car would have

been developed jointly with the manufacturer,

a pretty unique thing in motorsport. The

Renault Style Center and our aero department

worked without compromises. The style needed

to have its key lines in place and the high

performance. It wasn't negotiable. Tied in

terms of the difficulty of the challenge, it was

the time available for the development. We

started from a clean sheet of paper during the

last week of February and the car made it on-

track during the last week of August. Only six

months passed between the idea and the

finished product. It seems incredible to tell but

we managed to turn the project».

What were the technologies used by

Dallara to develop the project?

«I would separate the technologies used to

develop the product from the ones used to

produce it. From the development point of

view we made massive use of 3D modelling,

and in this case it had a further evolution

intended to increase its importance in the

different phases of the product's development.

For example, during the assembly of the first

prototype, the digital mock-up, which was

directly available in the shop, was updated in

real time to face all the necessary

modifications. This way, the design and

assembly departments were always aligned

and consistent, which is a key goal for a

project developed in just 6 months. Then, more

fundamental instruments have been CFD

(Computational Fluid Dynamics) for the aero

and thermic development, and the intensive

use of the FEA (Finite Element Analysis) for

the virtual approval of every single

component. From the product's perspective, we

used several forms of composites: carbon fiber,

fiberglass, kevlar that dominate the scene of

the amount of technology used».

The car's design is quite interesting:

can you explain how the side design was


«The final aspect of the sides hasn't been

changed too much compared to the first