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Tatuus builds its 170th new-gen
Formula Renault chassis
The 2014 season is about to get underway,
and the Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0,
F.Renault 2.0 ALPS and F.Renault 2.0 NEC
championships are completing their rosters.
And for all three series the collaboration
between Tatuus and the French manufacturer
has not only been successful, but also very
much appreciated by teams and drivers. «The
realtionship with Renault has been, and still
is, very important ‐ told Gianfranco De Bellis
‐ being re‐appointed as the spec car
manufacturer for the Formula Renault 2000
in 2013 has been very positive, and I believe
that everybody was already able to collect the
dividends last year. The arrival of some new
orders is also a great signal and the total of
cars built from 2013 to nowadays hit the 170‐
mark. That means the job has been done
And that fact is confirmed by numbers. All
the three championships have averaged more
than 30 Tatuus cars at the start of the races,
giving proof of how effective the Renault‐
promoted category is but also the success of
the Concorezzo‐built cars among the
European team. Drivers that displayed their
skills in all the three championships cited
above are doing well in the upper categories.
Eurocup champion Pierre Gasly earned
himself a place in the Red Bull Junior
program and in the Renault 3.5
championship. Runner‐up Oliver Rowland,
Luca Ghiotto and Matthieu Vaxiviere also
followed the same path, delivering
impressive speed straight out of the box and
showing the effectiveness of the Tatuus
Renault 2.0 car in terms of driver
development. The same goes for the main
stars of the ALPS series. Antonio Fuoco
provided excellent results in the FIA F.3 tests
while NEC Champion Matt Parry was
included in the Caterham F.1 Junior program.
He will race in the Eurocup Renault in order
to increase his level of experience even
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