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Can we introduce some of the new car’s
specifications? What is the expected
performance level?
«The expected performance will be influenced
by the technical choices mandated by the FIA
with the new rulebook, the limited aero
downforce and the increased weight
prescribed by the new safety rules. It will also
be proportioned to the higher categories but
it will definitely be impressive for a young
driver at his first time on the world’s top
circuits. We think that this car’s potential is
enormous and it could be equipped by some
much more powerful engines. The
semiautomatic gearbox is similar to the ones
used in the top categories and, from a
technical standpoint, we would love to see
these characteristics used in a more extreme
way. We hope for an evolutionary approach to
the technical and sporting rules, while
keeping the costs at bay».
What is the most interesting component
of this design?
«The biggest challenge is to be among the
pioneers with the new rules and all the safety,
material and cost reduction standards that
this project introduced. The FIA worked hard
together with the manufacturers to write a set
of rules that will enable, in the next few years,
an almost infinite number of chassis/engine
combinations for the new F4 championships.
Our chassis is designed to accept different
engines without major modifications to the
standard components (tub, gearbox,
bodywork, electric compartment). We are
confident that this philosophy will be key to
turn F4 into a success».
Did you get some inspiration from the
Formula Renault 2.0 and F.Abarth
designs? If so, in what components?
«The main inspiration comes from the design
method. The know‐how of having 15 years of
experience in designing cars for top
manufacturers has been put into this project.
From the practical point of view, the
generational jump prescribed by the rules
resulted in a limited amount of parts shared
with the previous designs. We must not forget
that the F4 is not a spec car like Formula
Renault or Formula Abarth. Its modularity
brought us to design many new solutions».
What is the secret in matching high
performance and low running costs?
«The secret is an huge design effort in
optimizing every single component of the car.
The balance between keep costs down and
performance is the result of more than 10
years of experience and more than 1200 cars
produced. This compromise keeps evolving
and the challenge is to keep the pace with the
times. Ten years ago, I would have excluded
the use of high‐performance semiautomatic
gearbox with the budgets needed with the F4.
Now it will not only be used on the car, but it
will also take advantage of a ground‐braking
hybrid technology».
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