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Vincenzo Sospiri – Euronova
Why Euronova Racing decided to enter the
new F.4 Italia series?
«Our team’s philosophy is to train young
drivers to take them towards the most high‐
level championships in motor racing. The F.4
Italia represents a true first step after kart
racing and this is a very important thing as
you can work with drivers that are very new
to open‐wheel cars. We have the chance to
teach them all the secrets about single‐
seaters. My idea is to create a pool of
promising drivers and then make them move
to F.Renault, where we already race, or
maybe in Auto GP. Another key element is
that this car is not going to change for the
next 6 years».
Does the new Tatuus F.4 have something in
common with the Tatuus‐built F.Renault
2.0 and F.Abarth cars?
«I think that it’s very different compared to the
other Tatuus car. It might recall the Formula
Renault one, but the dimensions change quite a
What are the main characteristics of the
Tatuus F.4?
«It’s a perfect car for drivers coming from kart
racing. It’s difficult in terms of making the right
set‐up choices and that enables the drivers to
start working on their cars. The Pirelli tires
have lots of grip and that turns out in good
cornering performance».
“A perfect car for the
up-and-coming go-kart racers”
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