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Spare Parts Management

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Can we try to go for a more detailed path?

Corrado Casiraghi:

«The first phase mainly

consists in design. Then computers and the

dedicated softwares come into play. With the

Cad, for example, we analize the suspensions,

and with Cfd we do the aero. At the same

time, we involve the people that are related to

the various systems. The electronics are

developed according to the engine, as well as

the gearbox, so you start investigating the role

of the suppliers. With the brakes, you decide

if the calipers will be Brembo, Ap or

Performance Friction, and you adapt the

design according to that choice. Then you

start a technical and marketing support. If we

plan a year‐long development, we get in touch

with suppliers in February. There are some

priorities though. The brakes, for example, are

a critical component, as well as the

suspensions. Changing the brakes at the

middle of the development stage can have

some serious repercussions. For the other

components, the fuel tank for example, you

have more tolerance because it can be adapted

to our needs. We must use our experience to

decide which parts must come first».

At what point you make a choice about the


Corrado Casiraghi: «In the last few years, the

speed in assembling the components has grown

exponentially. When the design is fully defined,

and the details are sufficiently clear, the orders

can start. From the moment the first part

arrives to the completion of the prototype we

have more or less one month. Luckily, we can

produce many of the components internally and

that really helps the overall management. At

this stage, using machine tools for the various

production processes and staying in constant

touch with the technical office, the files needed

for the production are generated and shared on

line. We must also agree on the priorities.

When the first prototypes arrive, the assembly

department gets involved. If we compress the