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Corrado Casiraghi:

«It can require a month. In

this stage, two people are involved. Then there

are further steps. First of all, studying the

rulebooks and the limits that they impose.

Second, gathering all the information about

the powertrain, while we take care of the

gearbox. Then we start designing. The

structure, which is the key point, then the

cooling, electrical and brake systems, the

suspensions and so on. At this stage, all the

designers come into play. Then we start with a

first iteration, a check to see if the general

shape of the car is compatible with the

mechanics, systems and aero. Of course, the

more time you have, the more iterations you

can plan. Who works on the suspensions

begins testing them and provides feedback so

Eugenio can start computer simulations, and

so on. At the end of the first round of this kind

of work, we do another one for fine tuning».

How do you set the date in which the car

will be ready?

Corrado Casiraghi:

Actually, it goes the

opposite way around. If it has to be ready, let’s

say, on December 31st, we know that we need

a prototype to be ready three months earlier.

So the chassis must be ready “x” weeks earlier,

the aero “x” weeks earlier. The times are

dictated by the deadline».

Technical Office