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by Stefano Semeraro

There is a Road to Indy’s cathedral of speed, and it’s a really Italian road.

Andersen Promotions, the company behind the “Road To Indy” program,

announced that the first two steps of the ladder leading to Indy Lights

and IndyCar (which currently use Dallara cars) will feature Tatuus‐made

racers. The same base chassis, built by Tatuus, will be used for both the

Pro Mazda and the USF2000 series. USF2000 will be starting with the

new car in 2017, while Pro Mazda will follow in 2018.

The USA are renowned for being the land of opportunity, and the

company, proudly representing Italian excellence, could not miss the

chance to express once again their full potential. After the debut of their

successful Formula 4 program, Tatuus will once again try to deliver a

quick, easy to manage and economically sustainable package. The USF‐

17, which will be unveiled at the 2016 Indy 500, will mark a substantial

departure in terms of technology compared to the current Van Diemen‐

built USF2000.

The chassis, which will feature a carbon monocoque built according to

the latest FIA Formula 3 specifications, will be fitted with a 2‐liter

atmospheric Mazda MZR engine. It will feature some new additions to

respect the new American standards like Zylon anti‐intrusion panel.

There will also be room a six‐gear paddle‐operated gearbox, a cutting‐

edge LCD Cosworth steering wheel and four pot PFC brakes.

The Pro Mazda ‐ PM 19 ‐ will use the same platform in order to help the

teams to optimize the costs and control the performance steps. That will

result in more power added thanks to the Mazda Skyactiv powerplant, a

more sophisticated aero package with a revised floor, a three‐element

rear wing and and adjustable front flaps.

«Gianfranco and the entire Tatuus team really went above

and beyond in the RFP process to earn this bid», said Scott Elkins, the

race director for both categories and an American racing veteran. «The

attention to detail in their proposal and easy acceptance of existing

Andersen Promotions’ partners really give us high expectations for these

cars and we are ecstatic to have them as partners for many years to


«Since we first met almost 20 years ago, I have known Gianfranco De

Bellis and the Tatuus brand of cars and have the highest respect for their

product and performance», said Dan Andersen, owner and CEO of

Andersen Promotions. «To enter into this new venture with them as

partners is exciting and I know they will deliver a very high quality, safe

and fast race car – a car that career‐minded drivers from around the

world will see as a real step up from other open‐wheel series cars. The

Mazda Road to Indy trains drivers well, and this new race car will only

enhance that training for the future».


USF2000 race director Scot Elkins, Mazda's John Doonan and series CEO Dan Andersen discuss the new USF-17