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Did you have other specific requests from

Dan Andersen and his organization?

«We were asked to be present on‐track, as

already happens for example for Formula 4 in

Italy and Germany. So we will be traveling a

lot, and we found in Carl Haas the right

partner to manage this particular aspect in the

USA. Once again, as always, we did the utmost

to be available and open to new solutions.

They seem to have appreciated that».

How will the car look like?

«It will be the same concept of Formula 4:

safety, modern design and reduced costs.

Then, of course, there will be some

differentiations. For example, the USF 2000 car

will have a lower bonnet because it will use a

F.3‐style air intake system. The Pro Mazda will

have a regular bonnet. The engine will be a

Mazda Duratec and the fact that it has already

been used in the past made our job easier».

What does this new project mean for


«It is a really big challenge and we are facing it

using the 100 percent of our possibilities. It is

the chance to enter a very important market. It

is somehow reassuring knowing that Tatuus is

now present in New Zealand, with Toyota,

in China, Europe with Germany, Italy and soon

Great Britain thanks to Jonathan Palmer,

and now the United States. It does mean we

are renowned for what we do and we know

how to work even when we are far away

from home. This new opportunity in the

Mazda Road to Indy program also follows the

great job done by Dallara through all these

years. The most successful racing cars, in the

USA as well as at international level, are built

by Italian companies and that makes us

particularly proud».

What have been the key elements of your


«What we were able to achieve in the past

clearly played in our favour. Our company’s

strategy is to keep providing clear transparent

and offer continuative support. What

happened in New Zealand is a perfect

demonstration of that, as Toyota decided to

stick with us and asked us to design their new

car. After 10 years, they might as well have

changed, but they decided to trust us instead.

The real key though, was the success we had

with Formula 4 in Italy. If we had experienced

a tough start, with issues and so on,

or if we had provided a wrong car, we could

not have ended up with so many

championships around Europe».

You have a long‐standing relationship with

Dan Andersen, how did it all start?

«We have known each other since ’97‐'98

when we raced in the American Formula Ford

championship. It could be the right story

for a movie. We started without knowing

where we would have ended up, but eventually

it went great. The performance turned

out to be really good, then the relationship

continued from that. Back then I was really

impressed by his operation and by the fact that

they constantly helped us.

Honestly though I did not think we would be

back working together. We left the USA when

we started our involvement with Renault and

we decided to concentrate our effort.

With hindsight, we could have managed

both situations but at that time, we felt like we

were about to climb Mount Everest.

The fact that Dan now called us again to

revamp his racing program is absolutely

exciting and pushes us to do our utmost to

succeed. Our goal is to reward the trust we

have been given with interest».