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Gianfranco De Bellis, who manages the Tatuus operation, explains

how the USF‐17/PM‐18 project started and what were the key elements

that eventually persuaded the American promoter. For the Italian

company and Dan Andersen is a new chapter in a success story

Gianfranco, how did this new American dream


«The first request came last August. I think they asked

four or five manufacturers. The specifications required

that the two cars had some parts in common. This has

been a good intuition based on what is happening in

Europe with Formula 4 and the future British series

managed by Jonathan Palmer. The two cars, called

USF‐17 and PM‐18, will have 170 and 270 horsepower

respectively, and that’s comparable to Formula 4’s 160

and the 230 of the series managed by Palmer. Having a

common platform enables to put the accent on other

components like the aero, the electronics, the brakes.

Another request was to have American suppliers ‐ for

example, the electronics will be made by Cosworth, the

braking system by Performance Friction ‐ and it

seemed right for us because they are extremely high‐

level suppliers».