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D i eg i Mo t o r spo r t

Di Persia: «F.4 is an high- tech school»

Entering the Italian F4 Championship since 2014, Diegi Motorsport

has been a successful feature in Italian motor competition for more than ten years

Headquartered in Varedo, not far away

from the Autodromo Nazionale in

Monza, Diegi is fielding young

Brazilian Giuliano Raucci. Team

Manager Matteo Di Persia explains us

more about his operation.

Matteo, what persuaded you to join

Formula 4?

«The decision to enter the Italian

Formula 4 series comes from the idea

to line-up for a brand-new

championship, aimed at young drivers,

with the same technical opportunities

for everybody and part of the FIA

developmental ladder».

You have in single seater

competition for many years now,

often with Tatuus racecars. What is

your opinion about the F4 car?

«Having matured a lot of experience

using Tatuus cars, I can confirm that

this car is extremely quick. Reliability

is also its strongest point. It’s a good

product for a developmental

championship, fitted with cutting-edge

solutions. The sequential gearbox, for

example, is the same that the drivers

will find in the upper categories».

What is the 2016 goal for Diegi?

«Our goal for 2016 is to end up in the

top-four in standings. In the first two

outings at Misano and Adria, a series

of inconveniences prevented us from

grabbing the results we wanted, but we

are confident in the skills of our driver,

Giuliano Raucci. We hope to be able to

showcase our value as soon as


How do you see the future of

Formula 4?

«Formula 4 is in continue expansion.

Year after year, the number of cars on

the roster increases, and the

championship is getting more and

more challenging and exciting. For

young drivers eager to start their

career, the series is becoming

increasingly interesting».