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By Marco Cortesi

Changing the game. That is what Tatuus hopes and

is looking forward to do starting with the 100th

running of the 500 Miles of Indianapolis. The Italian

manufacturer, appointed by Andersen Promotion as

a sole chassis supplier for the two most valuable

developmental championships in North America,

will reveal the brand-new USF-17 racecar in the

outstanding frame provided by the landmark edition

of the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, as it’s called by

fans and insiders. The car will rely on a full full

carbon composite and aluminum honeycomb

monocoque, manufactured by Tatuus Racing to meet

the current FIA Formula 4 safety standards. A whole

new world for the US Formula 2000 championship as

the Andersen Promotion is looking forward to

establish a credible and high-quality ladder towards

the top of the American open-wheel panorama. The

chassis will be a cornerstone, providing a level of

technology rarely experienced before in the US

developmental racing scene, to deliver a world-class

product while maintaining reasonable operating

costs. While the performance side will be boosted by

the Mazda MZR 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine

paired with a 6-speed paddle-operated gearbox,

safety won’t be forgotten with additional safety

features to meet the specific needs of racing in the

United States including full Zylon side intrusion

panels and reinforced bulkheads aimed for making

the car suitable for racing on oval circuits. The

“educational” aspect will be key: the drivers will

learn the art of set-ups with three-way adjustable

dampers and a Cosworth data system, LCD steering

wheel and ECU. In terms of the driving skills, the

carbon composite diffuser, adjustable twin element

rear wing and single plane carbon fiber front wing

will enable the most talented racing prospects to

emerge and develop their skills towards a full-time

professional career. The USF-17 chassis will also

provide the base for the PM-18 racecar for use in the

future Pro Mazda series car. In an effort to provide a

viable platform to control the operational costs for

teams who wish to move up, the two racers will

share the same concept, although the PM-18 will

receive a revised underbody and diffuser, a three-

element rear wing and a front wing with adjustable

composite wing flaps, plus higher-grade electronics.

With the consistent climb in quality and

competition in American kart racing, Tatuus is ready

to provide an exciting step up to match the historical

and world-renowned European championships.