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Mr. Lunardi, how the cooperation with Taatus start? How it


“The collaboration between Motul and Tatuus started on-track. We

met with Gianfranco De Bellis during a test session of the Tatuus

prototype and from then on we started to work together in terms

of product supply, for example with the 300V lubricant and all the

transmission fluids, and technical support. It was an occasion

where the high technology of Tatuus met the high technology of

the Motul products”.

What are, in your field of action, the challenges of motorsport

that can have a fallout on the automotive industry?

“With two and four wheels, motorsport has always been

a valuable proving ground to test new lubricants and verify the

reliability and performance of our products. Our competition-

oriented technology found many applications in the everyday use

like in the case of the Estere product, with a 100 percent synthetic

formula introduced back in the seventies in international auto and

motorbike racing. In more than 40 successful years, the Estere

technology has become a benchmark not only in racing, but also

for all the passionate car people looking for high-quality lubricants

for their motorbike and cars”.