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Danilo Rossi, DR Formula

«Formula 4 is still»

DR Formula lined‐up for their third season in

Italian Formula 4 competition. We asked

Danilo Rossi, one of the owners of the Lugo

di Ravenna‐based team, to draw a balance of


«Yes, it’s a series we know from the start and

we have seen it grow up both in terms of

driver quality and quantity, and we are really

satisfied with the car and engine package».

What are the series’ pillars?

«The car is quite simple and really reliable. In

a business like motorsports, where

everything is usually overcomplicated, this is

a key feature. Regarding the trackside and

factory assistance, Tatuus and Autotecnica

also provide great service. Obviously

everything can be improved but we wish

there were more championships managed as

well as this».

You had a pretty successful season with

Raul Guzman in 2016, what are your goals

for the next season?

«Guzman ended up third in the

championship with three wins and seven

podium finishes to his name and was a

constant feature in the battle for the

championship. We are really happy about

how the season unfolded. In 2017 he will

move towards new challenges, but we are

also satisfied with the work done with Artem

Petrov, who was moving up from kart

competition and, although he had a tough

start, managed to adapt and grew up really

consistently. He is already signed for next

year, and we will pair him with other drivers

we are currently in talks with».

Will DR Formula continue on the same

road of the recent years?

«We want to make DR Kart and DR Formula

grow up together aiming for the top in both

environments. We are pushing hard to

achieve the goals we have set».



Raul Guzman